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The story of Zenobia

We can tell you that the name carries many meanings and connotations that were a direct reason for choosing, there are those who know Queen Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, and there are those who do not know her either, but our name is directly related to the name of the Queen of Palmyra Why! She is a queen known for her intelligence, beauty and strength, and her constant desire for expansion and renewed ambition to dominate and have a great experience in hunting and hunting. It is also known that Zenobia’s real name is “Bit Zabai”, and her first name was given by the Romans and means the power of Jupiter … Now what does all this mean! … patience, when we started in 2010, we did not realize the importance of choosing the name for the brand that we are building, but with the increase of our information and our experience, we became acquainted with the necessity of having a name bearing connotations and meanings in order for us to be able with time to establish this name in the minds of our customers and with the continuation of time the name was chosen Zenobia in 2014 and now why Zenobia?

Strength … intelligence … beauty … sniping … the power of the buyer … Experience We made our decision to work in the field of electronic business services, so we must work to highlight the work force of our customers electronically and to be smartly located within an arena where the number of pioneers is increasing more than He was expecting and must definitely appear beautifully that attracts everyone’s attention to remain in memory and seize his own place in the thinking of customers and because we are confident in the power of the buyer, we made it one of our most important beliefs to remain in the minds of our team continuously and with regard to experience, we started relying on our scientific inventory first and we started from it to form an experience Today, you have exceeded 10 years, so that this experience will be a tool in your hand and help you to develop your business and its success.


Our thought and the starting points of our faith

Sincerity of advice

We do not only care about building your website or store, what we care about is that our work serves your business, so we offer you advice on the best form, content and structure for your site and what serves you properly.


We do not know stereotypes, and we are trying our best to stay away from it because that will demolish our determination to develop, so our cadres are constantly working to develop their skills and provide the best and latest.

The word is a charter

When we agree with our customers, our words and what we show them to them, we are confident of our capabilities to implement it, with a commitment to time in the absence of obstacles beyond our control.

Success is shared

When we build your site or manage your business accounts on communication platforms, we are working for a common success for us and for you. When you reap the fruits of our work and services, we will succeed with you.


Our Flexible Pricing Plans

Our history

  1. work start

    Our beginning was based on part of our scientific experience in addition to skill and practical sales experience. We started sales agents for some companies specialized in the field of web design.

  2. The first geographical location

    A small office that contains two computers and two offices in a simple way. This stage was a continuation of the precedent with its development by increasing the volume of contracting with the supplier companies as well as increasing the volume of sales and launching work with some other advertising services

  3. the work is stopped

    Work stopped for a while because

  4. Re-planning to start work

    Re-planning for the new start and relying on some foreign markets with the aim of

  5. The first electronic presence

    Our first electronic presence was launched through the Facebook platform

  6. Reserve our website

    It relied heavily on simplicity but soon modified and launched the previous site for the current site

  7. Establish our legal presence

    The beginning was by establishing a personal business to start legally providing our services

  8. Increase the number of work team members

    The quality of the services provided helped us to get more customers, which obliged us to increase the success team to provide our services with high quality and get more diversity of ideas.

  9. Relocation of our business center

    Place is an important element of creativity, and with the development of the work volume, the workplace had to be expanded to achieve greater comfort

Our latest articles

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